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We Supply Rough and polished Opal

We supply best quality Ethiopian opal with amazing play of colors directly from local miners.

white opal

Most opals have white or milky background with different play of colors. Sometimes white Ethiopian opal with brilliant and dense play of colors are found. 

Black opal

There are different types of black Ethiopian opals. Some prifer a green and greenish-blue background, some others prefer red background and others prefer gray and black backgrounds, but value is correlated  with pattern, density and brilliancy of play of colors. 

crystal opal

Most Ethiopian opals have a crystal appearance in nature. There are different types of Ethiopian crystal opal from clear transparent to merely translucent. Clean transparent crystal opal with brilliant play of colors are adorned than milky transparent. There is also different colors including dark crystal opals. 

Boulder opal

Sometimes opal is found attached with ironstone or other stable materials naturally.

We Supply
Quality welo

We bring you the best quality natural Ethiopian opal from the remote mining areas with a very low price. Opalwelo is an exporting company registered and licensed to sell opal and gemstones by the ministry of mines of Ethiopia and the ministry of trade of Ethiopia. We supply quality materials directly from the source without a meddling of multiple channels. The two main Ethiopian opal mining areas; Wegel-Tena and Estayish are found here. We are providing materials directly from mining cooperatives and from our experienced professional cutters. This makes our price incomparably low. Our mission is to make the fair and steady marketing ground to our clients.

What we provide

rough opal

We are supplying quality rough stones to whole-sellers, cutters and collectors. We are very welcome and invite Ethiopian opal buyers all around the globe.

loose opal

We are supplying polished Ethiopian opal cabochons and faceted stones to whole-sellers, retailers and jewellers all over the world.

rub opal

We are supplying rub stones to polishers who are interested in  Ethiopian opal. We are very welcome and invite importers, whole-sellers and retailers of different countries to become our reputable clients and partners.

Latest News




Latest News

The new law of Ministry of Mines of Ethiopia, MME(May, 2016) addressed that the export quota of rough vs polished opal must be 50/50 in weight. That means, exporters must supply the same quantity of polished and rough opal.



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